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Reward Program

Dear friend of MAESONS,

MAESONS is the place where you can relax, a place where you feel at home, and where you can be yourself. We want to offer you a complete men-experience. After a cut, shave, pedicure or manicure treatment, we want you to feel completely relaxed, fresh and like a newborn man when you walk out the door.
To make your visit even more pleasant, we have started the MAESONS Reward Program. We want to give you something extra and let you know that we appreciate your friendship.
How does it work?
With every purchase you can collect points on your digital MAESONS card. The program is completely digital. The euros spent, determine the number of points that you will receive. You can then exchange these points, during your next appointment for exclusive offers and deals.
  • Points with every purchase: €1 = 1 point
  • Welcome offer: 25 points for registration
  • Exclusive Offers and deals
  • Birthday present
  • Extra’s MAESONS events
Are you in?
For more information and registration, please contact our floor manager Saskia. She will fix your registration!


Sign up today and get rewarded!